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Accessing speech therapy via the NHS

The NHS provides free help and support to people who stutter; however the availability and wait times for services vary, depending on where you live.

If you have concerns about your child's stuttering or speech, speak to your GP or health visitor in the first instance. They may refer you to a speech and language therapist for assessment.

If your child is school-age, you could also speak with the school's special educational needs co-ordinator, as speech and language in some areas accept school referrals.

Adults who stutter are also encouraged to contact their GP in the first instance.

In some local areas, you can contact local NHS speech therapy services directly to make an appointment (search online to find your local service).

The NHS page for stuttering / stammering has further information about stuttering, including accessing treatment.

You could also contact the fantastic team at Stamma, who will be happy to assist to help with finding services in your area.


Other clinical services

If you can afford it, private therapy might be an option for you. Go to the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice website to find a therapist in your area.

There are several other centres which offer speech therapy or courses. Some of these services have a cost, but funding may be available:

  • The Michael Palin Centre for stammering offers a range of therapy for all ages.
  • CityLit offers a range of course for adults who stutter.
  • The Roberta Williams Speech and Language Therapy Centre at City University London offer five day intensive course for young people who stammer, aged between 8 and 18 years old.
  • The Fluency Trust, runs short residential courses based in Swindon, combining speech therapy and outdoor activities, for young people ages 10 to 17.
  • Talking out runs 5-day courses in Yorkshire, combining speech therapy and outdoor activities, for young people ages 13 to 17. Due to the impacts of Covid-19, they have recently also started running courses online.
  • SLT UK are a team of speech and language therapists providing assessments and treatment for a range of difficulties related to speech and language

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